Our Values

Our Core Values are the Foundation of Your Investments

At the Coastal Advisory Group, Core Values are not rhetoric. They’re the rudder for everything we do as financial advisors. Our values do not change just because the market does, nor do we reinvent them for each situation. They guide our company and the people who work here.

Because we maintain these Core Values, we offer something unique and valuable to existing and new clients when it comes to financial planning. And more importantly, clients respond positively to us because of our dedication to keeping our values as the foundation of all we do.

These Core Values Are the Soul of Our Company:

  • We prosper when you prosper.
  • All we have is who we are. And who we are is represented in everything we do and say.
  • We do the right thing.
  • We treat everyone from a place of integrity and commitment.
  • When possible, we improve the lives of the people in our life, both clients and friends. And we have fun doing it.
  • We plan ahead because what we do affects not only your life, but also the lives of future generations.
  • When it comes to The Golden Rule, we save the exemptions (and excuses) for the "taxman". We strive to indeed do unto others as we want done unto us.
  • We are honest with ourselves - and with you.
  • We keep our word.
  • We have passion for what we do because what we do affects your life and those of future generations.
  • We know that great friends come from mutual respect. Happy, successful clients and client relationships come from the exact same place.
  • We are present for the moment because we know it passes all too quickly.
  • We are proactive and positioned to move on a moment's notice.
  • We take time to see and enjoy the wonders of the world. We have hobbies. Interests. Passions. We know that living an enriched life will, in turn, enrich the lives of our clients.
See how we put our core values to work for you.

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